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ning to others. It is our
d means being attentive ernally and externally.
Total E&P Nederland B.V.
Total E&P Nederland is a major gas producer in the Netherlands, with an annual production of approximately 4 billion cubic metres, around 10% of Dutch domestic consumption. Total E&P Nederland has 260 permanent employees and indirectly provides work for at least another 800 people.
Total E&P Nederland has been engaged in the
exploration and production of natural gas in the
Netherlands and the North Sea Continental Shelf
area since 1964. In the Dutch sector of the North
Sea, we produce gas from 22 platforms and 4 subsea
production installations. Most of the platforms are
unmanned and operated remotely; four have gas
treatment facilities. After treatment, the gas  ows to Our primary focus in the di cult environment of the
shore through a network of pipelines. The o shore North Sea is to continue operating our facilities as
production centres are located between 80 and 150 safely as possible. We invest in them with the aim of kilometres north-west of Den Helder. The Central keeping them safe and maintaining their availability Control Room at the head o ce in The Hague and performance levels.
monitors the processes of all installations and is
manned 24 hours a day. Helicopters and supply vessels are used to transport personnel and goods.
Health, safety and environment

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